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Originally Posted by thud123
This includes most brands our our "beloved" pork rinds

I've observed pig and poultry fats (what's in the pan after cooking) are much softer when cooled than beef fat. I think pigs, chickens, turkeys have higher polyunsaturated fats in their bodies causing this softer fat than beef, which has more saturated (to me good) fat. I cooled some turkey broth, looked at that squishy fat on top and just threw that out. Pork rinds of course do have some fat in them (also watch to be sure they're fried in pork not industrial seed oil fats) but I also wonder about bacon fat as well. I do eat some (yummy!), but out of concern for omega 6 content do get much more of my fat from beef. And with keeping on topic, not with high carb hash browns!
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