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157.6 your unposted posts (that you are working on) disappear if you click another page, then go back? I thought I remembered it still being there when you returned to finish...? Anyway that just happened.

C/P from a restart years ago:

20 Torso Track: none today
10 squats: 5
10 alternating lunges, 5 per side: 5 per: 11
15 bridges: 11
15 Mr. Sandman: 10
30 elbow squats: 15
Weighted arm exercises, 3 lbs:
10 Back Drops (elbows up): 5 (all weighted exercises caused mild LB pain, darnit)
6 Barbells: 5
12 Bent arm lifts (seated, elbows on knees): 8
8 Pushouts: 4
10 Chicken Wings: 4
10 per side rowing: 4 per
10 Hand Squeezes, hold last one for 10: 6, 10

Walked 1.1 miles today and .8 yesterday. Pace is slower than it used to be.

I have been laying down, when I am not working, for several months...only a few random days working in the yard. So very unmuscular right now.
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