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Originally Posted by Bonnie OFS
Yep - that's the ticket! I rarely eat out, but I do have a short list of safe restaurants. As for homemade - if the list of ingredients is too long - like 10 or more - I won't bother. Separately the ingredients are fine, but that much work is too much for me.

Lol, when I make soup , its a good time to use up odds and ends. Plus, since soup usually lasts a few meals, I'll add more to change it up.

There is a chef that makes dishes using 5 ingredients. JAMEE Oliver? A great seguay for those just learning to cook. He uses many products like mixed spices, or jarred . NOT LC based but dome recipes are lc, or could be with a tweek.

Spice mixes are easy to measure out and jar up to have as needed.

My red thai curry recipe is 8-10 ingredients into a food processor, whirl. Divide into freezer safe containers. For me, it used up hot peppers, sweet peppers and garlic.

Food has become my life.

Off to make beef jerky....
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