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I put a little blood-root (sanguinaria) on my toothpaste. Many years ago they had a mouthwash/toothpaste called Viadent. Sanguinaria was the active ingredient, and it stopped my gum disease in a hurry (this was after surgery). Then Colgate bought Viadent, took the blood-root out, and it didn't work anymore.

A couple of times per week, I brush with Ipsab tooth powder which is finely milled salt, baking soda, and prickly ash bark.

I am not a scientist, but believe these products have changed the ph of my mouth which has a beneficial effect on which kinds of bacteria can grow there.

When I first had periodontal disease, it was so aggressive my dentist thought I would end up losing my teeth, that was 40 years ago, and since the blood-root and salt, the gums have been stable.

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