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Question Does Obesity Start In Your Mouth?

Does Obesity Start In Your Mouth?

Obviously it has a lot to do with what you put in your mouth, but some research shows it may be due to what is IN your mouth. There is a growing body of research that links various diseases with changes in the oral microbiome.

When I had bad breath, tooth staining and gum disease my dental hygienist, the one I always go to, told me "you have 'bad bacteria' in your mouth and there isn't any treatment other than tooth scaling and antibiotics" Being a microbiologist who once did research on hospital patients and pneumonia linked to oral bacterial colonization I thought "well maybe there is." I first tried essential oil mixtures, oil pulling that helped some. I then tried probiotics like yogurt and fermented foods. Home grown Kefir seemed to have the most promise. Now my mouth issues completely disappeared. My hygienist was amazed! I tried to explain it. She just said "well just keep on doing whatever you are doing."

Hum ... now, when I get my DNA report back from Nebula I may have a way to show why this works. It's a simple biological construct called "Competitive Inhibition" that all microbes employ to protect themselves and their colonies. Penicillin? Well, that's why it works.
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