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Default Nocturnal Eating

This is a tough thing to talk about but I was hoping that others here in the Triple Digit Club might be experiencing the same thing.

I often get up in the middle of the night and eat. I think I did it twice this last week. Usually I remember, but sometimes I forget until I see a spoon or something. Thankfully, my household is on Atkins so there is NOTHING in this house that is not on Atkins. But I feel really bad about this behavior. I think I have done it most of my life. I remember as a teenager (all 140 pounds of me), I got up and took some chocolate chip cookies out of the kitchen and was going back to my room when I ran into my father, in the dark, in the hall. I started screaming it was such a shock. I was put on two weeks restriction for taking the two cookies (we were never allowed to get into the frig or cupboards without permission). This nightime eating really disturbs me. I don't think I am hungry. I remember other periods of my life where it was worse than it is now.

To my friends here on the forum - It has been two weeks since I did the interview and I still haven't heard anything. I am not taking that as a good sign. I haven't gotten the rejection letter yet. I have been extremely depressed about this. Everyone in my life offers advice and I just don't want to hear it. I feel like crap. Thanks for listening. Cindi
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