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Originally Posted by Ms Arielle
Bottom line , for me, would a human have eaten it 150 years ago??

I've been reading a very informative book called "Hippie Food" by Jonathan Kauffman. That was pretty much the driving force for the introduction of health foods (because, obviously, modern foods were unhealthy). Some of the early adopters went overboard on some pretty strange "healthful" additives, but I think they were on the right track, even tho most leaned heavily to vegetarianism.

Since I was eating a lot of "healthy whole grains" in the early '70s (in spite of smoking), I've found the descriptions in the book are making me crave what I ate & loved; brown rice, lentils, homemade bread, potatoes in all sorts of forms, etc. Tho I drew the line at giving up butter. The closest I came to the low-fat idea was better butter - equal parts butter & canola oil beaten together.

While I love what I eat now - lots of leafy greens, homemade salad dressing, meat in many forms & lots of eggs - I sill miss those foods.
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