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Hey all you cycling enthusiasts:

I have had a great time cycling in the organized rides and have just finished my 16 organized ride for this year. I have three more scheduled for this year. I had 20 planned, but I got seriously hurt and had to skip one. This is my first year riding and I choose the short option (20-35 miles) for my first 9 rides. With my next 7 rides, I switched to the 100k (62mi).

My next ride is a fairly flat cruise through the area around Davis, CA; and the 100 mile route only gains 2,800 feet. I think it's time to switch to doing 100 milers. I would like to do the Seattle-to-Portland ride next year (200 miles and 6,000 ft, over 2 days), so I think getting several 100 milers under my belt would be in order.

Anyone have any advice for making the switch from 100k's to 100mi's?

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