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Originally Posted by JEY100
This is an old study from 2014. You can find studies on both sides of the argument...itís a personal decision if it works for you or not.

A new study in July 2020 of 26 huge randomized control trials found no adverse impact on either glucose or insulin response.

Nice to see this newer study's results. I do regularly use some AS's. Not suggesting they're health foods or don't possibly mess with gut flora but for my body caloric sweeteners aren't okay and I'm not willing to live with only unsweetened foods the rest of my life so living life on the edge.... I personally haven't observed any difference in blood sugar, cravings or that sort of thing brought on by my AS use. If I eat even a tiny mandarin orange (I no longer do) my body screams "that's SUGAR!" and wants me to face-plant into the bowl to get at the rest. Same for one slice of watermelon. Super sweet artificially sweetened stuff? Nope. It knows somehow that stuff's not real and isn't tempted to go off the rails. YMMV.
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