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I don't know about Aldi, but if you are looking for a low-carb bread I have been using the bread and buns from ThinSlim Foods. Some of their stuff doesn't suit my taste at all, but I have found their basic bread to be reasonably good and their hamburger buns to be decent, as well. I don't expect low carb bread to taste as good as traditional bread -- if it did, everyone would be eating it. Both are on the small side, but they have no net carbs and are loaded with fiber -- one bun or two slices of bread have 14 g of fiber, quite a bit of which is inulin, in addition to 14 g of protein. They are roughly two to three times the price of bread/buns at the store. I don't know how that compares to other keto baked products.

For me, for now, they have been working very nicely as a means of getting my fiber intake way up without having to consume a lot of veggies (and associated carbs/sugars), which is not very doable on my current calorie targets.
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