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Originally Posted by janetkind
So glad we are posting and have a new girl on broad.
We can have slip ups in any plan, But the key is to get right back on and keep at it.
Few slips to none shall we, far all this Sept.?
I'm doing good and I will no mater what This month I'm staying on track. Keeping cals.>1000 or little less.
I keep track on my cals. and I eat healthy carbs. and good fats, Lean meats{When I do.

No breads, rice, noodles, nothing like that.
Very once in while do a low carb veggie wrape as carbs are 5
You have to find what works for you and this plan seems ok.
The other Key you must do>Is move that body and get weights in there to.
Muscle burn fat.
and the other key have others to help u and talk to.
Just saying this month we will .
Hope 2-3 lbs. Each month till Jan.

Thanks Janet, itís good to be back and yes letís go for a no slip September!
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