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Last night...

Machine: Treadmill
Duration: 55 minutes
Distance: 4 miles
Effort: 18 minutes Jogging 5.6 mph and 7 minutes at 6.0 mph. 30 minutes walking at 3.8 mph.
HR: 160 to 170 during the jogging.

My right shoulder is sore from my weight lifting session on Sunday. Although not as bad, it is the same pain at the same location as the injury that occured lifting weights 18 months ago. That injury took forever to heal and was the primary reason that I dropped weight lifting from my regimen. The pain I'm feeling now isn't too bad. I will continue with the weights for now. But rather than go for strength think I will back off and lift for tone - less weight, more reps, and not aiming to lift until failure. Hopefully I can coax this shoulder into behaving.
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