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Thanks Kat. I hope that you got your walk in. At least it is warm. I was doused by a heavy shower on a 5 mile walk today, but with 70 degree temperatures I didn't mind getting a little damp. I'll take this over snow and ice any day.

My recovery time from cardio workouts is so much better now than it was 2 years ago. In the days after my first jogs in 2016 I was really feeling the pain. I woke up wobbly legged the next day and still had sore muscles on the 2nd day after a workout. Yesterday was my first long outdoor jog in prep for the next 10K. I feel fine today. I barely noticed any weariness on my walk today. I should be able to get a good workout in every other day. I may even try a short cardio workout one day followed by a hard cardio workout the next. I'm feeling pretty darn fit already and I've still got 2 months to prepare for that race.
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