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Outdoor walk/jog at a school track
Duration: 66 minutes
Distance: 5 miles
Effort: Jogged 4 miles at around 5 mph. Walked for a 1/2 mile to both warm up and cool down.

The point today was to get a real outdoor jog in for the first time in a while. The treadmill and elliptical workouts are not the same. I didn't push hard on this workout. I wanted to find a jogging pace that I could stick with and just keep at it until I had had enough (within reason). It was cool and damp. It took 2 miles of jogging to warm up and find that pace. Then it started drizzling. I kept going. I was still feeling good at mile 3. Drizzle turned to rain. I kept going. I was feeling good, so I picked up the pace a little. At mile 4 the gravel track was saturated and started pooling water. I called it a day, walked 2 more laps to cool down, then headed to the car. The skies opened up. Gutter flusher weather. By the time I got to the car I may as well have swam there. Not ideal, but I did get my outdoor jog in!
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