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You have gotten some great advice above.

When you say you are on plan, which Atkins plan is it?

Are you saying that you've lost *no weight* since you started back on plan? How long ago was that? Not even water weight?

As zoogirl suggests, it can be so so helpful to keep a log of food. You can do it with pencil or paper of online with trackers - either MyPlan on this site or any other such as My Fitness Plan, Fitday or Fat Secret.

As far as your current regimen of eggs, sausage, cheese and coconut oil, it may not be a lot of food, and may not keep you sated, but it may in fact be too many calories for your petite body. Tracking would help you figure that out. Also, cheese can be constipating and can lead to stalls, and pre shredded cheese is usually packaging with starch to keep the shreds separated.

I would recommend you go back to basics, by the book. A great place to start is diet There is lots of LC advice, and a simple plan. It's free for the first month, $9 or 10 after that.
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