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Good Morning....OMG, you are breaking my heart....I sooo hear the frustration in your post...and that frustration, imo can cause you issues. First remember this is not a race, I know, I know we all want this to happen and happen fast, just ain't gonna be that this is a learning experience and you need to relax and learn how things change FOR YOU.. One of the hardest things for mt to accept was, WEIGHT GOES DOWN, WEIGHT GOES UP....I was, like NO< I only want it to go down, it is just a # on the scale we cannot let it rule our long tern plans. Bottom line is if you stay with this, it will work and the weight will come off, and you will learn what works for you...

As far as being embarrassed to show us your stats, NO ONE here will criticize or shame you...NO ONE, we will be more able to help you if we know where you are and what your goals are? Just saying...

I really think that keeping a food diary, recording EVERYTHING that goes in your mouth is a valuable tool, I have done it for years, it gives me accountability, and I am a visual person, I need to see it right there in front of me. And start your own journal so that we can drop by and support and cheer you on. It gives you a place to safely vent feelings and celebrate success.

Finally, as for the stall or plateau, when I felt that I was stuck...and I have to add that for me, even on M, I stay within the 20NC range daily, not to say that I can't go over, but not every day. I chose my maintenance foods carefully, that is just how it is for me. And I accept that. But when I was struggling to get to goal, and like you it was not fast enough...I contacted Atkins and I got a reply from their Nutritionist, of course it was not what I wanted to hear, but I thought, hey, these people have been at this much longer than me so maybe I should pay attention and listen, and guess what it worked...I have shared this info with other members and I hope it helps you too...
Here is what they told me....they also said it is not REALLY a plateau until NO lose for at least 6 weeks.

Thank you for contacting Atkins Nutritionals.

I thought the following things we hear the most often when people say they've plateaued, not been as successful losing weight or gained weight might help you get back on track:

1. eating less than 18 net carbs in a day
2. not getting the 12-15 net carbs from vegetables everyday (thatís approximately 6 cups of leafy greens and 2 cups of cooked vegetables)
3. too many artificial sweeteners/sugar free foods
4. too few calories: for women it should be 1500-1800, for men it should be 1800-2200

I hope you find some of this helpful, please don't be discouraged, keep on keepin' on, one day at a time, have a positive day, drop by my J sometime, I love company, ttyl
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