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Default always back to the same number??

(cross posted as a /reply/ to another thread ...hoping someone can advise me, here...)

...i don't know if i'm allowed to call it a "stall," but... i can get down a /little/ (like, .5lb or 1lb), BUT it comes right back, so i can't get past the /same number/,

and this has been going on for several weeks, or maybe even a month or longer,

and, as i'm female, regarding water weight... my "time of the month" is about 2 weeks away... (and when that comes, that will make things even more difficult...)

i try different things, from, atkins meals, to eating nothing but tuna, or nothing but bacon, (kind of crazy, but i don't know what else to do!)

i am trying to work my way down to doing an egg fast (just eggs, limited cheese, butter), but last time i did that, i didn't even lose...

yesterday i ate just:


w/ "clean" sausage, all recognizable ingredients/just spices),

few tablespoons of shredded cheese,

and a few tablespoons coconut oil -

i repeated JUST THESE COMPONENTS, for each of 3 meals...

today i gained .5 or 1lb...

i don't know if i'm eating too many carbs, i don't know if the cheese or some ingredient in the sausage could be the culprit -

...but i really feel like i need the cheese, OR sausage (at least one or the other), or SOME other component to add to the eggs,

because eating just plain eggs w/ a touch of cheese & butter can be really depressing!

i have been on plan for about 2.5 months... i recently read about post induction stall syndrome, and ...waiting for whooshes, but i don't know if, i am _doing the wrong thing with what i'm eating_

i am getting so discouraged, i'm considering eating something normal - not even going crazy, just one normal meal - to try to "shake things up" for my body??

or - i was considering a cheat day for _valentine's day_ which is a month away, and maybe i should hang in there and see if i still can't lose anything by then? but that feels like a long time, if i don't lose...
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