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Originally Posted by Zei
The above two items, a "high carbohydrate knowledge" plus agreeing with the UK Eatwell that one should eat lots of carbs, consume industrial seed oils and avoid saturated fats, were negatively correlated with use of low carb diets. The eleven question test of "carbohydrate knowledge" wasn't included in the article so no way to check my suspicion that questions were biased such that disagreeing with purported health benefits of carbohydrate scored as a wrong answer, therefore those who believe high carbohydrate intake isn't healthy would generate a low "carbohydrate knowledge" score. Labeling the test "carbohydrate knowledge" reveals more bias IMO. If you agree lots of carbohydrates are good (like the authors?) you have knowledge. But if not...?

The questions are in the supplementary file...

Number one is

Do you understand what the term carbohydrate means?

To which possible multiple choice answers start with "Yes, very good idea."

Which as an answer, wouldn't convince me that somebody understood the term, if they'd come up with it themselves.

In the true/false one of the questions is

Carbohydrate is Not the body's main source of energy

...which is both true and false, depending on what you've eaten over the last two or three days.

Questions about whole grains being a good source of minerals.. if you've ever heard of phytic acid, you'll probably lose some points there.
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