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I have come to see criticisms of the Paleo Diet as two things: one is certainly panicked shilling by paid journalism (ie, propaganda) from the processed food corporations.

But the other thing is even stranger: it’s the human sugar addiction talking.

This is all over Taubes’ work: researchers since the dawn of processed foods just aghast at the thought of their beloved treats being taken away. These men of science turn into children with a birthday cake held out of reach.

A close friend just showed me the handful of pills sha takes every day. A typical lineup:

2 diabetes
1 high blood pressure
1 for anxiety
1 for sleep
2 steroids for the autoimmune rash that is appearing

And she has seen me take the opposite path. But as she put it, she would “have to turn her life upside down” to do what I do, and she’s exhausted and sick.

It seems utterly strange and overwhelming to someone who has been born into our modern food culture.
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