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Hey all! Sunny and windy and COLD! OMG I am over the cold.

But LORI- you take the prize with being incased in ice! My son called from Ohio and said he got 4-5 inches over 1 inch of ice and his car is a ice block. Ohio is not going anywhere, top that with it is not supposed to get over the freezing 32- until next weekend. So it it there to stay.

So I hear what you said about your ice cream issues. I know you said you haven't gained on the scale. However your comment about an intertube around your middle was telling. I think the reason you have not blown up is the fact you are still so active. Are you still doing bootcamp? I heard about one class that kicked your behind and then wasn't sure if you are still going back.

I will tell you - TRIG is right. Just don't buy it. I know how simple that sounds. Just don't sounds easy enough, but sugar IS addicting. Addictions are hard to break.
Recall my issues with dairy. I KNOW without a doubt it will inflame me with GI issues with bloating. But it has taken GREAT restraint to not eat it. SO I know how hard it is to just say no. Is sounds simple- in the head- but something in you is screaming for it.

At some point you just gotta say no- or be ok with a loss stall or even gain. I like the idea of setting your sights on your 10k! I know you will want your body in full can do mode! Not a slug just making it through.
I find that when I am struggling - success videos help the mindset.

And you SHOULD write about your struggles here. That is WHAT this thread is for! We are all big girls. It would be different if you can on here and were saying oh ya ya'll eat whatever. That is not what you are saying. We all struggle with something.

You know for me - Pizza is my trigger food. The funny thing is when Blue and Kmom were going back and forth with the pizza talk- MEH! It didn't bother me in the least. Blue even said it didn't taste as good as she thought. So long story short- please feel free to come here INSTEAD of ice-cream.

I am sure your have seen my posts sometimes! - remember these:
Hey gals I am here because I want to .......... fill in the blank. I want accountability.
Ok- I know will you get a handle on this. It doesn't help we all have been inside undated under covers and think Spring is never coming. Winter blahs!
Would you feel the same way if you had golf the next day, and it was warm out? Birds and sun and flowers and the lightness of Spring?!
I will slowly butt outta your business now! HAHAHAHAHA

Trig- I love your idea of simplicity. That has always been a dream of mine- RV'ing for a year or two! I could so do that. I would want a state of the art RV. You know the ones that cost as much as a house- just on wheels and mobile! We are more alike than you know!
I have had the gypsy lifestyle for the last 8 years. I am ready to settle while I am doing what I need for right now.
But I do have the go on the open road- mindset. No destination in mind. Just would like to not go alone. Sorta scary as a single female to do that. I do alot of that myself anyway- but on the road and in a campsite, not so much.

I love the fact you are putting the plan though at some point to make that happen! I can see the kiddo going to a fun collage and loving that lifestyle while your and the pork chop send postcards!

BTW- had your pot roast for dinner!

Blue- So I am gathering you are planning on staying put and just cutting the budget for awhile? Maybe I was reading that wrong. I was trying to read between the lines. Cutting extra spending is good no matter what.
So the hubby won 10,000 once!!!!!!! I bet her was floored. I know me reaction to 50 bucks- my eyes just kept getting bigger and bigger. I don't know what I would do if I scratched off 10 grand! HOLY COW! I know what I would DO with it after the initial reaction wore off. Down payment for me right now- but dang that would be a huge relief!
So how much does he play? I am a big spender of less than 5 bucks a month- IF I remember. It is more of an after thought for me.
What does your upcoming week look like?

Leeann- I am really interested in hearing about your new kitchen gadget. It does sound like more work than I would want to put into something. Then I would worry if it was cooked enough on the inside to kill off "bugs"- in meat. I need to goggle it more!
So glad though you love it! I heard about your IP for months before I finally got one myself and love it!

I am also going to to look up Shirred Eggs! I wonder if it is off limits due to dairy. But I read I can get something similar with just low and slow, I think BLUE wrote that.

Cool beans on joining the Y. I remember a post you wrote to me awhile back. You encouraged me to get off my butt even at this size and go to the way. You also said that was key to you dropping all your weight that got you to goal. (of course LC!)- But you said you were at the top of your weight when you started going- but went anyway!
So cool you are going back to what you know works.
I need to dig out that post and do the same. But you have this huge goal now, with a deadline! Very motivating! I hear it in your posts!

Kmom- I am thinking the SD is with you now! I know she is very active and takes lots of energy! Hope you are feeling better and your back is improving.
Did you get your treadmill yet?
I am definitely going to get the writers itch outta me with all this writing I am having to do!

I wrote 1 of 2 discussion posts for the upcoming week. They are not as much fun to write as there are perimeters and expectations in the style and all content, and citations. Does this ring a bell for anyone? OMG I hate APA, but I knew going into it it would be a challenge.

I also gave love to my car by getting an oil change and upgrading to a synthetic oil. It is twice as expensive but I plan to keep this car until it falls apart. I only have 44,000 miles on it. It leased it new in 2013 and switched it to a buy in 2015- and will have it paid off this year. I think that will be good. I put all new tires on it as well. So it should be good for another few though thousand miles.

Two things more before I forget:
Leeann- THANK YOU- for the Airbnb. I spent some time on that site in the event I need a few weeks to land until I find/ and or move in to a new spot. That will so work so much better than a hotel. Add the safety factor priceless!!!!! There are a few spots near my work too!

Blue- I was also thinking of you and your situation as I was flipping through these home with "rooms" to rent. Have you ever thought about renting out space in your home? Most of these places have a 30 day min. and start at 1500- 1800 and higher. Just a thought for you. They also have separate entrances- so you could have your space.

Trig- you ask what we all spend at the grocery. I am not a tight budget- but I do try to reduce waste, and buy when things are on sale. I spend right around 120-135 a week. But I do buy high end meats, as do you. I also get organic when I buy veggies. But I also include everything in that shop. Hair stuff, paper goods, everything I need, coffee, spices, shampoo ect. I also don't eat out much.

I sometimes treat myself to a pick up and go rotisserie chicken now and again. But the days of going out for a glass of wine and a steak with tip between 40-50 dollars for just me are over. I can have crab and steak at home for about 15.00- if crab legs at 7.99 pound!

Doing ok on WOE. Portion control continues to be issue- as is lack of water, and walking.

Tomorrow is new day! Blue Cross posting with you !!!!
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