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I'm back, all dressed and ready to be picked up with a half hour to go. Thought of a couple other things I wanted to mention.

The ice cream thing---not my downfall, although I sure am enjoying these protein shakes, which get just creamy and thick enough for me. Did have some fantastic salted caramel gelato in SF---which came drizzled w/olive oil. Had never tried that, and counter-intuitively it was fantastic. Hence the salted caramel protein powder. This and coffee ice cream are the only kind of ice cream that ever calls to me, and then never more than a scoop. I won't buy ice cream cones because they're so dang expensive these days and the way overload, even if you order just one scoop, is way too much for me.

Thankfully you can't just pull French fries out of the freezer or cupboard and eat them, or I'd be in big trouble!

Also, I started a little notebook today---one of those pretty little books with blank pages in them that someone gave me and I never had a use for---listing every way I've found to save money. It's actually fun every time I add something new. I'm like Ms. Eagle Eye on every dime out there right now.

Today I ran out of my Oil of Olay regenerist moisturizer and thought, have to pick some up when I go to pick up a prescription tomorrow. And then I thought, wait, this stuff is $20 for a relatively small bottle. Just been using it mindlessly for a long time.

So I got on the google machine and googled best discount moisturizers and found St. Ives Timeless collagen skin moisturizer for 5.49 on my prime, so no shipping cost. It's a bit old tub that will last forever and was rated #3 out of 10 by Allure Mag as a great bargain. Reviews on Amazon are almost 5 star. Don't really think there's that much difference in all this stuff, excepting those w/sensitive skin issues, but they sure can charge you for the packaging and brand advertising. I just need something to soften the winter dry and allow my make up to go on easier.

It's silly how happy this made me. Added it to my little notebook and turned my big old periscope eye towards finding the next thing that's going to get slashed, LOL.

It's a challenge and I can use one! OK, I'm off for the night. Hope you're all having a good Saturday evening.
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