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Hi all,

Trigger---For years we went to the air show in Osh Kosh WI. It's the grandaddy of all air shows---not that I give a fig about planes, but hubby is a plane nut. So we'd always camp w/the same group every year. One couple was living your dream. Owned no home, only an AMAZING RV set up. They could roll in and be set up in no time, complete w/screened in porch and big outdoor rug. Man, they had it all figured out to their tastes. Had places they parked themselves for months, then off to see the world again, or visit their kids. Happy as two peas in a pod those two. I wish this for you, and you're still young, plenty of time to start the new life when kiddo goes to college. This couple was in their late seventies!

Not sure what we spend a month, as hubby does most of the shopping. I used to do more LC shopping myself, spending maybe $150 a month, but I've cut that way back. I don't need to buy stuff to put in the freezer unless it's a special sale price. Doing the "European" way of LC shopping these days. Buying just what I need for the next few days---heck we have a grocery store that's practically in our back yard. Finding I'm spending and wasting less.

But I would say that hubby, king of the coupon clippers probably spends about $350 to $400 a month for the two of us.

Jaz---How are your days off going? Any new real estate scoops?

Nic---Thanks so much for mentioning the shirred eggs, which I'd never heard of, which in turn set Lori to finding and sharing an excellent recipe for them, which I will so be making soon!

Bravo on 13 days on plan. Trig mentioned a phrase I like, even though she doesn't do it "phasing in and out" of our stringency on our woe. I could tell in the latter half of year that you were in a different "phase" than you are now. You never let go totally, hopped on and off the wagon, but were not as K-mom would say "CapD." Now you are. I feel the same way, like last few months of last year I was just sliding down a mud hill and crawling back up, only to slide again. Something about the new year I guess, or the phases of the moon or what the freak ever. But I'm glad for both of us that we're out of the mud! For now.

Lori---And thank you for sharing the shirred eggs recipe! That made my mouth water. I go on and off with eggs, so this will be a fun way to get back on---with the cheese and crunchy bacon. YUM.

K-mom---Is SD w/you this weekend? If so hope you two are having your usual fine time, and that you are squeezing in some moments of rest.

Saturday water: 3/3


So today I ordered some salted caramel protein powder. The shake thing is working really well for me. One or two, and then one meal, dinner. Can't believe how much it corrals any hunger!

Haven't gotten on the scale yet because why spoil a party, but I've got that "thinner" feeling in my clothes and just generally. NO bloaty.

Out to eat w/a pal tonight. We're going to a very reasonable burger place that just happens to have GREAT salads, 8 different kinds of them. Haven't had a salad in weeks which is odd for me, so looking forward to it tonight.

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