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Wow all this ice cream talk!

Lori, I can commiserate. I can ignore a lot of ice cream (we have a bunch of whatever in the freezer) but I absolutely love a locally made key lime pie ice cream and I could not let that alone for a while. And of course cereal, my stupid downfall. I think I finally overkilled it for a while. I am finally out of an extended period of cravings last year, at least for now, and I am really grateful for that.

Trig- Your wanting less baggage, less stuff, less unnecessary land and such to take care of makes perfect sense to me. It will come but not as quickly as you would like!

Hmm, grocery bills.. I honestly have no idea. Does that include things like paper towels, toilet paper and dog food? If not, then obviously the costs would drop. I'd say I probably spend more or less what you quoted.

The sous vide steaks went well yesterday. I do need to work on my searing- to not sear too long. But otherwise it was a success.

Went to the Y yesterday and today, but won't go tomorrow.

Tomorrow we have the dinner theater but we are going for Brunch instead, and to see Young Frankenstein.

DS19 had a sleepover last night and DS16 is having a sleepover tonight, both here.

I know there was more I wanted to share but good enough for now!

oh, and on track still, day 13.
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