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Lori, good heavens if I am going off the rails ice cream would be one of my absolute top contenders!! I am an ice cream freak. I have not lost my desire for it at all I don't allow it in the house anymore, well, the kind I love and will in inhale. I get things they like and I don't, which works. But if my ice cream were to come into this house, wow, it would be over in a flash and I would be on it like white on rice also. I walk by and see Phish Food or chocolate Moose Tracks and I die literally inside, I SO want to buy it but won't LOL

You are allowing it cause you are not gaining but ya will. Ya know ya will It is a matter of time only and thing is I know ya got it in ya to get back on that right track for sure. JUST DON'T BUY IT. Give it all your gumption to walk past that ice cream coolers and don't look back Use that 10K as your motivation. That 10k is coming soon and you gotta start alot of real training and you need that body in high caliber to tackle it, plus it is in another country to boot You absolutely will get that back under control, I have no doubt you are phasing thru it and will ditch it sooner than later

Nicco I am not one to go off the grid! I like my electricity and pool and more LOL...what I like is the concept and simplicity and there are a ton of ways I would add at into my life. My kinda no baggage top contender would be no home. Travel light and free in the RV. Set down home wherever and whenever I want kinda thing. I have been looking at new homes in my area (have to stay in certain area for kiddo cause of her school etc) but nothing is drawing me. I don't need the house and 5 acres, that was for my horses, so if my horses are gone I don't really need this land maintenance anymore. Small home on a acre is great but hubby won't get 'squished' next to another home so I can't kinda find anything worth bothering to move into for like 7 yrs til kiddo hits college. My baggage for me I guess if having being stuck in this home and maintaining it all while all I want to do is hit the open road and not look back! I can live in an RV easily, I only require a 'little stuff', I don't want closets full of stuff anymore

And $53 is good for the Y. I googled mine and it was $70 for me only. Why are you so much cheaper than me? LOL

Blue, your hubby won $10K one time. SO VERY COOL, I would love that. I bet I funded it ya know That is probably what I have spent over the years on lottery trying to win anything

Lilliana is such a cute name and Leeann, it is a version of your wild!!!

And ya cut off $100 a month from the cable! Now that is wonderful.

Hey all
kinda do nothing day
sunny and nice and sinus head crazy has lifted along with the storm clouds so that his nice

have to hit grocery. Kiddo wants ice cream and I fainted inside a little but she wants strawberry!! Hooray, I despise strawberry and won't even give it a thought it is in the freezer!

and I don't want to go. It is 9. Up early and should have left and been back by now but I just do not want to even go.....when will I go today? I have no idea, I might not HA HA. Might just run down to the little store on the corner, get her strawberry ice ceam and come home and leave the shopping for another day.

I am in the mood to not go to the grocery anymore, so I will probably just fudge thru today at the little corner store and be home in a flash.

What does everyone spend per month kinda on grocery? I know we are all different in family size for sure, but just curious how much bucks are flying out the window for us all. Family size will change it so much for each of us, no doubt about that. I am about $5-600 a month on food. 3 of us only. Somehow I find that 'too much' but in a way it is not cause I am finding it hard to cut that cost down. Even if my meats/seafood is on sale it adds up so darn fast either way if I hit sales or not LOL

oh to decide what I am doing today and if I am even gonna move much

great day all
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