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Good Morning from snowy, icy Pennsylvania! I could hear the sleet/freezing rain hitting our windows all night long and we are encased in ice this morning. What a mess! Luckily, I don't have anywhere I have to go today.

Last night we went to our favorite little restaurant where I had scallops wrapped in bacon & a few bites of DH's filet mignon. I also had panko crusted asparagus, which was so, so good. That was my only non-LC thing yesterday. I avoided the lovely looking warm rolls that were brought to the table.

Blue, you asked if I am struggling with this WOE. I guess I a degree. I am maintaining, but having too many treats. I will be LC all day and then blow it.....big time. The thing that is "getting" to me right now is ice cream. That has been a problem for the past several months. I have become addicted to Ben & Jerry's salted caramel core ice cream and can easily sit and eat a whole pint in 1 sitting. I am fairly disgusted with myself. I will go a week or so and not eat any and then I'll give in and go buy 2 pints and I will eat them on consecutive days. WTH is wrong with me?? Sigh.....

Anyway, I have been lucky not to gain weight, but my luck is bound to run out soon. I am going to start regularly testing my blood glucose & blood ketones and use that as incentive to keep the carbs/sugar down so I get the numbers I want to see. Plus I have that pesky 10k to train for in the next couple months.

Thanks for listening to my confession. I have been avoiding typing it out here....hope it is not a trigger for anyone else. I don't think it will be as you all seem to have better control over yourselves than I do at the moment. Just taking it a day at a time here.

Ok gals, have a good Saturday!
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