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Default My doctor declined my request for another CAC Scan

FYI: Since receiving an alarmingly high score (343) on my first ever CT Heart Calcium scan last year I'd contemplated whether it would be worth it to have another one done at the same time this year. While not looking forward to the blast of radiation that comes with the procedure I had to balance that risk with my desire to know if my lifestyle changes and "heart healthy" supplements I'm taking are making a difference. From what I've read, the typical person with a poor heart calcium score will have fairly rapid progression from one year to the next (25-30% increase in calcification). From that Ivor Cummins video and other sources I've learned that slowing progression down to less that 15% each year greatly would greatly improve my changes of avoiding a heart attack. That seems to me something that I might want to know and I can't know unless I have a second scan done to compare my baseline score to.

So I decided that I wanted to do it again at the 1 year mark and contacted my doctor to request the required prescription. I didn't speak with her directly, but her nurse called me this morning to tell me that my doctor had declined my request. The nurse relayed the note from my doctor who indicated that she thought that it was too soon and it likely wouldn't be much different than the last one. So I guess that's that. I will just keep doing what I'm doing and try again later. I may bring the topic up at my annual checkup in March. I'll make the case for why I want to have it done and hopefully she will agree to another scan at the 2 year mark.
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