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There were a few seasonal eggnog items, but all sugar. However, score with their new Icelandic Yogurt. 10g carbs, NO added sugar in the Plain, very thick and tangy. Just Milk and bugs assuming really 5 carbs for the whole container.
To replace the beet hummus on a pretty holiday veggie platter, this year is a beet and garlic dip. 4 carbs, 1 fiber per 2T.

Two of my DD's favorite Lush products are copied in TJ's gift selections...bath bombs in a four pack, and lip therapy... both scrub and gloss in a pack. The bath bombs had some production hiccups, each store not getting many of those.
Other non-candy-cookie gifts are teas, soaps, vinegars, mustards, spices, seven salts, 3 park of body butters, and the lovely scent "warm vanilla" body butter in larger size.
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