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If we switch to all grassfed beef, I'm not sure I get any.

If you lined up all today's cattle and marched them across that railway track, I'm pretty sure that would take quite a while. In the same way that the land supports more humans through agriculture than it could with hunter gathering, it also supports more cattle. Grain feed is a part of that.

Alberta’s beef cattle inventories rose 1.3% from 2011 to 3.34 million head

That's Alberta. I'd bet Texas has a few more.

Texas Cattle Breeds
Estimated at 10.9 million, Texas has the largest population of cattle in the United States.

As I research bison history, which I located from ... The hides were the greatest feature, and one firm in New York between 1876 and 1884 paid the killers ... From 1872 to 1874 there were 1,780,461 buffaloes killed and wasted ...
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