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It seems to me that she's using intermixing "refined sugar"with carbs in general. I'm trying to think how there would be refined sugar in a Big Mac meal deal. I have no doubt it has 85 grams of carbs -- which, I get, are metabolized as sugar, but those carbs are not refined sugar or added sugar. The bun obviously has carbs, and the small amount of catsup on the burger would have some refined sugar. The fries would have carbs, but not refined sugar. Are they counting the sugar in the soda?

Just seems like she's mixing two different things here. Like, she says, "She explained that eating too much refined sugar–which is found in most sweets, sodas, white breads, and pastas ..." White bread and pasta are carb-heavy foods, but they don't have added refined sugar, as do sweets and sodas.

But, agreed that people don't realize how many carbs (often from ADDED sugar) are in packaged foods.
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