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Plan: Atkins Inductionish
Stats: 320/226/190 Female 74 inches
Progress: 72%

Okay, I did weigh today but my eyes about fell out of my head at the number, then I remembered I was on a plane yesterday for two hours and Iíve decided Iíll post the number tomorrow after some of the swelling has gone down because holy cow I hope that isnít my real number!!!

My job is regulatory and compliance so I have basically been trying to create a rule book from scratch for the company. Itís a huge undertaking compounded by the plant is in TX and management is in GA. Some things are just weird! Some are just not right, and some have been done totally correct but havenít been documented which means they didnít happen. SIGH Itís an uphill battle but Iím up for the challenge! I just have to ease people into this completely new way of doing just about everything, lol!!!
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