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Kit This is a daily struggle. I am not sure if it ever gets easier. Although, I know I feel stronger and have better resolve when I am deep in ketosis and actively losing. The power of feeling like I am shrinking to a healthier me boosts my mood tremendously and it feeds my strength. That is what pushes me forward, to get to that feeling again.

It isnt a matter of cheating. Think of it more as not making the best choices. Strive to make better choices. Saying it is cheating makes it seem like the person is bad and has done something shameful, when actually, the choices were bad. It is a subtle difference in thought, but it makes a huge difference to the psyche.

There is no need to beat ourselves up when we dont make the best choices. Coming here and commiserating with others who understand helps me feel not alone. I know when I stay away from this kind of support, I lose the strength to make better choices. By coming here and being candid about our struggles helps not only us, individually, but others that participate.

Sorry to hear you are dealing with these foot issues. I have flat feet, always have, and over time that continues to cause all kinds of foot, ankle, knee, and hip issues. Ive done various custom orthotics, braces, boots, casts, etc. I totally sympathize with your plight.

CaCO that sounds exciting, exhausting, and frustrating that you found all kinds of things to fix. The nerd in me loves uncovering a mess at work that I can then fix. There is nothing better than diving into a process to straighten it out and making it work right or designing a new process. Recently, I spent more than a year on a project at work to comply with new rules; something totally new and never done. Had to reach out to all different staffs and departments to get my arms around the data and design a new process.

Hi Little Me welcome to our little group! Thanks for the encouragement!

Sorry Ive not been posting; still a bit busy at work. It is a bit better now. I am an accountant and an attorney. My job involves both, so I have month end and quarter end responsibilities. The nickname came when I was in law school So sue me.

I had an error on my weight chart. Fixed it. Slowly getting back to better choices!

01-Aug-19 248.5 -
02-Aug-19 249.5 1.0
03-Aug-19 249.5 1.0
04-Aug-19 249.5 1.0
05-Aug-19 251.0 2.5
06-Aug-19 251.0 2.5
07-Aug-19 250.5 2.0
08-Aug-19 249.5 1.0
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