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I added this to my signature of the petition:

"Considering the toxic nature of blood glucose in any quantity above normal, it's nonsensical to conclude that lowering blood glucose to normal blood level, even aggressively through drug therapy or otherwise, is the cause of death of those unfortunate that died during the ACCORD trial.

Lowering blood glucose to normal level through diet alone i.e. low carbohydrates produces no harmful effect that we can see. On the contrary, the lowering of blood glucose to normal level through diet alone brings about a slew of beneficial effects that result from this lower, normal blood glucose. Effects such as reversal of many related diseases such as obesity, diabetes type 2 and atherosclerosis.

Accordingly, if the subjects of the ACCORD trial did die of causes related to the trial's methods, then it's clearly not because their blood glucose was lowered to normal level. Instead, the only possible alternative is to consider that the method of lowering their blood glucose level is the cause of death: Intensive and as-of-yet never before tried drug therapy."
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