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I posted this in a members-only Weight Loss Challenge forum on another website, but it is my recipe, so I copied and pasted it here - which is why it may seem somewhat obvious to all of you.

I combined the South Beach Diet (Phase 1) rules with an Italian Wedding Soup recipe and a pasta e fagiole recipe and threw things in willy-nilly until it smelled good. I don't cook often because my family prefers it that way, but I got some major kudos after cooking that up last night. There's about one bowl left in the fridge now. My boys gobbled it up!

Spicy Turkey Balls
2 lbs. ground lean turkey (I used a 93/7 mix and bought 2 lbs. so I could cook this once and use it for two recipes this week.)
2 lg shallots, diced
1 egg
1 c. reduced fat parmesean cheese (eyeball it)
2 t. tomato paste (I use the kind from a tube and eyeball it.)
a palmful of crushed red pepper flakes
a palmful (maybe less) of ground sage
about the same amount of thyme leaves - dry (Do not measure this in your palm - it's very painful!)
some salt and pepper (I use Adobo san Pimiente instead of salt.)

Mix it and roll it into two batches of mini meatballs. Mine were smaller than a ping pong ball. Brown batch number one in a little canola oil (to keep it healthy). When the meatballs are sort of crispy on two or three sides, remove them to a bowl and let cool before refridgerating. (These were the ones I saved for this evening's dinner.)

Repeat with batch #2.

Spicy Meatball Soup Ingredients
1 lg. can of plum tomatoes in crushed tomato juice
1 bunch of kale, chopped, stems removed (yes, the whole bunch!)
3 medium yellow/summer squash, chopped into bite-sized pieces
1 small can of red kidney beans, drained
1 small can of great northern beans, drained
1 lg. carton of ff chicken broth
add some pepper and Adobo san Pimiente or salt to taste

Batch #2 goes into a soup pot with the plum tomatoes and crushed tomato juice (just smoosh up the tomatoes in your hand a bit), 1 bunch of kale, chopped, stems removed (yes, the whole bunch!), and the yellow/summer squash. Add the entire carton of chicken broth, the beans, some pepper, and some Adobo san Pimiente or salt. Cook over medium heat until the squash begins to look translucent and the kale gets soft and begins to break down a bit. Serve alone or with pasta or rice. It's really very filling on its own - no carbs necessary.
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