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Hi again!

I'm the one that has the spike and crashes if I take carbs, period, so that part of the article was written just for me. I bonk, and like a dog at noon in August, if I do carbs Any, even. I'm thinking maybe when I loose more things may be different. At least, that's what I keep telling myself because I really want TWINKIES, my bain, to be my carb snack <evil grin> -

Welcome Twilightz! That is quite a bike to get out on! The guy that I know that rides the deore drivetrain, his dad was 'grassroots sponsored' by Jamis last year on a Dakar! It's a ride of distinction...

Oh, one quicky - gel gloves rock, and now, even better, there is Bar Phat for roadies that can go mtb, too! (a gal I ride with uses bartape instead of grips on her bars, and wraps two of the pads that come in the package beneath it...

Allez Y'all!

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