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Originally Posted by Kaillean
Note in that quote it doesn't say at what point to ingest the carbs. But the inference, from reading the rest is that it should be "during" - did you interpret it that way?

More experimenting is in order!

That article - while informative - is not terribly well written, is it? I did not infer that those carbs should be ingested "during," but you are correct, it does clearly state that having carbs right before exercise could have a deleterious effect. Somewhat confusing, but I took that to mean carbo-loading - like over 1,000 grams of carbs. Not sure on that either, though! LOL Perhaps an e-mail to Atkins is in order.

Another confusing bit about the article is that it talks about ingesting said carbs 3-4 hours before activity. If you're riding an early morning race/training ride, that's mighty tough to do! I suppose you could have them the night before...

Oh well, perhaps in spite of that article, the aforementioned process of having some carbs about 30 minutes - an hour before activity and then during (if it's a long ride), still seems to work for me. I agree though, more experimentation is in order...
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