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Thanks for the links. Good refresher!

The second article is interesting. That's where you pulled that quote from. Note in that quote it doesn't say at what point to ingest the carbs. But the inference, from reading the rest is that it should be "during" - did you interpret it that way? Earlier in the same article, it points out that eating carbs prior to exertion might lead to an insulin spike, thereby making less glucose available. Mmmmm.

I must say my experience is that having about 20-30 g of carbs in the form of an apple or something does help me get going, but I did notice last time that I got really hungry mid ride (and had forgotten my nuts!) So maybe there is something to the insulin spike. No problems with endurance, though. And I didn't notice any real bonking after the "hungries" kicked in.

Interesting. More experimenting is in order!
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