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Okay, as promised, I've got a bit more blathering to do! As for staying low-carb while cycing, I wanted to highlight that Atkins actually has some decent articles written on the subject.

Here they are:

I actually haven't been changing much when I ride moderate distances (around 20 miles) and have yet to bonk. When I know I'll be going further and for longer periods, I do add carbs via granola/Power bars and/or a sports drink. As one of the articles mentions above, Because fat burning does require some carbohydrate metabolism, it is recommended that in events lasting an hour or more, 30 to 60 grams of carbohydrate should be ingested to enhance performance (amount depending upon intensity and duration of exercise).

Following that advice, I tested this almost 2 weeks ago for the first time. Knowing I would be riding for about 3-4 hours and nearly 40 miles, I had a Power Bar about 30 minutes before the ride. It had roughly 20g of carbs. Midway though the ride - and I was feeling a bit fatigued - I purchased a "Trek" energy drink ( that had about 30g of carbs. Both of these together gave me more than enough energy to finish the ride and had no negative effect on my weight (didn't gain - and even lost a pound a day later). I'm not saying this will work for everyone, because I know people's bodies and the way they respond to nutritional changes are very different; but it did work for me. On my upcoming rides, I plan to follow this same strategy - granola bar before the ride and sports drink like Trek mixed with water for during. Hopefully that will continue to keep me well nourished and hydrated...

Oh yeah, Bicycling Magazine had a very interesting article about protein vs. carbs in June's issue as well. I'll either scan it or try to find a link!

Originally Posted by Kaillean
You've probably heard of Whistler, which will host the 2010 winter Olympics along with Vancouver. In the summer, tons of people head there, take their bikes up the lifts and ride down through an amazing network of trails. From beginner level to advanced, there is something for everyone. And the scenery is not to be believed. We're heading that way this weekend -- to the Ashlu Valley near Squamish -- I'll post some pics on Monday.

Oh wow, I'll be looking forward to those pics! That's one of those "be all, end all places" I want to go someday. I understand the trails are truly amazing!

LOL, your husband's fear of "shiny lycra butt" is not uncommon, but once he truly realizes how comfortable lycra shorts are (and not just for the chamois), he won't care!
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