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Originally Posted by GypsyAngel
Hi y'all!
So after I tuned up the bike I broke down and invested in lycra!!!!!! Yes I did! I swore I wouldn't. Obviously not a pretty site at my size but I figured I better take the advice and just do it. And I am so glad I did. In the past I used one of those gel seat cover things (stop laughing, Sen) and the shorts make a huge comfort difference. I am much more comfortable with shorts and bare saddle. And if you wear a baggie tee shirt you can't see much of the lycra anyway.
So my next step is to buy a decent road bike and continue pedaling. I will hopefully be part of the Slackers Seattle to SanFrancisco trip. (Even if all I'm doing is driving the SAG car LOL!).
Gypsy - I just tossed my gel saddle pad, too! What a riot. They slip all over the place. THe shorts are much better. I'm stilll thrilled to find ones I can fit into. Used to be a time when nothing in the outdoors stores would fit me properly.

I got my DH into some spandex, too, which is pretty funny. He grew up in redneck central and watching him adjust to the city and such horrors as spandex for men has been a riot. He was happy to discover the padded chamois "undies" that he can wear under his regular clothes.

I think he's scared one of his old buddies will pull up behind him at a light in their pickup truck and see his shiny, Lycra butt! LOL!
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