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Originally Posted by senrides
Kaillean - I've never seen Norco, are they purely Canadian? The specs on your bike are good - we've a friend that races xc on deore while everyone else goes highpriced, but he wins. I am a chicken when it comes to bruising so I never go offroad. and just tend to look at those of you that do with something like trepidatious awe.

Hi Sen,

Yep, Norco is Canadian. They were the first to bring BMX bikes to Canada and are a very reputable company here. I'm a chicken, too, and don't do any extreme off roading. Probably what I do would be more aptly described as cross-country than pure mtbing. I don't do a lot of technical stuff (see above mentioned chicken reference) but when you hit the North Shore trails here, you have to be able to at least do some basic moves and deal with the steep inclines.

I'm more interested in the scenery and a challenging ride than trying to leap of 6 foot boulders with my bike.

There are lots of road riders here, too, of course. But the proximity of some of the best mtbing in the world means a lot of locals have had at least some exposure to trail riding.

You've probably heard of Whistler, which will host the 2010 winter Olympics along with Vancouver. In the summer, tons of people head there, take their bikes up the lifts and ride down through an amazing network of trails. From beginner level to advanced, there is something for everyone. And the scenery is not to be believed. We're heading that way this weekend -- to the Ashlu Valley near Squamish -- I'll post some pics on Monday.

Happy peddling, everyone!
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