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Hi y'all!
I thought I'd jump in here after Carbs pointed this thread out to me. I've recently gotten back into riding. Used to mountain bike while living in Colorado in the late 90's but hadn't been on a bike for a while. There's not a whole lot of mtbing in my area now so I thought I'd look into road biking... and thanks to all the advice and encouragement from Sen and Carbs I actually find myself in the saddle at least 4 times a week.
I still ride my old clunky mtb which I had tuned up and put slicks on for the road. Wasn't ready to buy a road bike at that time until I knew if I was going to keep biking. Knowing my history of jumping into things with both feet.... dumping a ton of money..... and then shelving whatever it is I started I decided to put some money into my present bike and eventually will research and invest in a good road bike. I've already accosted Sen for help with that! LOL!
So after I tuned up the bike I broke down and invested in lycra!!!!!! Yes I did! I swore I wouldn't. Obviously not a pretty site at my size but I figured I better take the advice and just do it. And I am so glad I did. In the past I used one of those gel seat cover things (stop laughing, Sen) and the shorts make a huge comfort difference. I am much more comfortable with shorts and bare saddle. And if you wear a baggie tee shirt you can't see much of the lycra anyway.
So my next step is to buy a decent road bike and continue pedaling. I will hopefully be part of the Slackers Seattle to SanFrancisco trip. (Even if all I'm doing is driving the SAG car LOL!).

Nice meeting you all!
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