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It just so happens, senrides, that I'll be on the east coast the weekend of June 3-7 for the "girls' 40th birthday weekend". Where are you planning to ride? I'd like to find out more info on your west coast ride although I hope you'll be passing by on the coast west of me. I grew up on the east coast and the ocean was always on my right when facing north. When I moved to the west coast I kept getting turned around because the ocean is on the "wrong" side. We were able to top off a great ride to the beach last weekend with the sighting of two whales playing right off shore. You're going to love riding out here. It's hilly but beautiful.

I've found that a good protein shake before a ride keeps me going for awhile. Once the glycogen stores are used up I need to refuel. I've been putting Cytomax in my water bottles and snacking occasionally on Sharkies during the ride and it's helped me beat the worn out feeling both during and after the ride. I did a 37 mile paceline ride last week without eating anything for hours before or anytime during the ride. I felt like I was completely hungover the next day. Now I make sure I eat "some" carbs on the ride. I think it varies from person to person so you have to experiment to find out what works for you.
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