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Bariatric surgery has been a bÍte noire of mine from the beginning. Youíve got better odds of survival being a POW. (There is no Geneva Convention for experimental surgery.)

Yes, people who had chunks of their digestive system taken out for unhealing ulcers, cancer, or injury lost a lot of weight in the aftermath. YA THINK?

Part of it is healing and part of it is that the whole system is stunned like the victim of a car crash. But the body struggles to survive. And the appetite (the villain of the piece) returns.

Then they get to feed convalescent hunger with a stomach the size of a golf ball. Thereís circles of hell Iíd rather visit than that.

One of my recent health issues resulted in me researching those drugs which switch off auto-immune. Sometimes itís the only choice to save your life.

But, like bariatric surgery, itís a devilís bargain and you never know when he will show up.
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