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However, patients who received bariatric surgery or who followed a very low calorie diet lost significantly more weight than GOP patients. The changes in weight were 10.3kg for bariatric patient and 8.3kg for patients who followed a very low calorie diet.

Professor Tan commented: "Although the weight loss was smaller, using the GOP infusion would be preferable as it has fewer side effects than bariatric surgery. This result shows that it is possible to obtain some of the benefits of a gastric bypass operation without undergoing the surgery itself. If further trials are successful, in future we could potentially give this type of treatment to many more patients."

So bariatric surgery, a very low calorie diet, and their shiny new hormone injections are the ONLY choices to lose weight and lower blood sugar?
Which to choose, which to choose, which to choose.... such a difficult decision...

Oh I know, I'll just stick to LC! No surgery, no injections, and no constant hunger or feeling like I'm going to pass out from starving myself on very low calories!

And no side effects, other than increased energy, thinking more clearly, and decidedly decreased hunger!
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