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That is interesting. I’ve been meaning to post the recent news that NutriSystem is being purchased by Tivity Health. Tivity already owns South Beach and Silver Sneakers.

Immediate reaction from the market wasn’t positive with Nutrisystem soaring up but Tivity going down 30% the first trading day. It is still bumping along near its 52 week low. It is a big acquisition for Trivity, the relative sizes hard to integrate, though I tend to think these packaged diet foods are all suffering with the Keto emphasis on real food.

To copy from the other article you posted today on the Paleo Diet...

Back to Basics

Part of the appeal of the paleo diet is how simple it is, especially compared to the complex food products and drinks we’re used to consuming. One look at a nutritional label can be overwhelming to the average consumer; there are probably dozens of ingredients that are hard to recognize, including complex chemical formulas that the average consumer doesn’t understand.
It’s illogical to assume that a chemical compound is dangerous simply because it has a complex name, but the average consumer isn’t looking for a complete, logical, scientific understanding of the world. Instead, they trust their intuitions—and their intuitions tell them that a piece of meat, or a fruit plucked straight from a tree is automatically healthier than something that was created in a factory. They can even use anecdotal and correlational evidence to support this; after all, the obesity epidemic is a product of the modern world, and not something Paleolithic humans had to deal with.

The people for whom the Paleo diet has the appeal of simple real foods, have that same view about Keto. A steak and salad works, no exogenous ketones or complicated Keto Recipes necessary. I believe they will look at a frozen SB Keto meal and will see a bunch of funky ingredients but not enough beef.
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