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I did it! Back to 50 stair trips in one session.

2 flights x 50 trips up and down.
Time 27:15 Heart rate 162. I'm OK with those numbers.
I have to say, it feels good to be back to the routine - both physically and mentally.

As the weather warms (it's currently 45F or 7C - this is North Idaho), I might not be able to maintain this pace, so I'll have to figure out some alternatives that don't generate so much body heat.

I might shoot for a brisk walk around the powerhouse later in the shift - in the earliest morning hours. It's a nice time to walk, sometimes I get to hear owls talking to each other.

Got the walk in. 2 miles even, 3.7 miles/hr, Time 31:45
I jogged a little bit at the end, just to get the 2 miles over and done with. That's not easy to do in work boots with 8" lace up uppers. Broke a sweat!
No owls

Probably no exercise for the next couple of days. We have company this week, and large projects to complete.
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