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Originally Posted by WereBear
I have come to see the enshrinement of fiber as a “filtered cigarettes argument.” Fiber mitigates some of the poor effects of the SAD.

Using the research and recommendations of, I have lowered my fiber a lot and only gotten benefits.

Originally Posted by teaser
The intense focus on fiber to exclusion of all else might be unfortunate--after all carnivores do poop, they do have gut microbes, and those microbes do ferment stuff, producing various short chain fatty acids and other simple organic acids.

Mice--well, for some stuff, they're close enough. My main problem here isn't that they're mice so much as that mouse models of heart disease don't generally come naturally--I have to say, I never see wild type mice lined up to check their blood pressure at WalMart. At least not if they're fed wild-type diets.

Originally Posted by Ms Arielle
I did some looking for information on the bacteria that is necessary to make the jump from carbs to proprionate etc. Most of the listed types are not in our usually sources like yogurt and kefir, etc. Leaves me wondering HOW those specific ones get into the human aid conversion.

All good points. This is exactly why the current thinking that to get these health benefits, fiber is essential, and the only effective way to get fiber is by "whole-grain products and fruit" is wrong. We need to understand the overall mechanism better, as HBP is a symptom of a damaging condition that can be controlled by lifestyle (diet) changes. Broadening our horizons to really understand how this works beyond the questionable recommendation of fiber with the prime source of whole-grain products and fruit leads us all to a better understanding. The researchers limit themselves and all of us when they make these claims without realizing they need to understand this much better.

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