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The intense focus on fiber to exclusion of all else might be unfortunate--after all carnivores do poop, they do have gut microbes, and those microbes do ferment stuff, producing various short chain fatty acids and other simple organic acids.

Mice--well, for some stuff, they're close enough. My main problem here isn't that they're mice so much as that mouse models of heart disease don't generally come naturally--I have to say, I never see wild type mice lined up to check their blood pressure at WalMart. At least not if they're fed wild-type diets.

This has a direct effect on the functional ability of the heart, for example. The research team triggered heart arrhythmia in 70 percent of the untreated mice through targeted electrical stimuli.

Might be good news for really bad electricians.

It's not silly to study this stuff in mice (or fruit flies for that matter). It would be silly to stop there.
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