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The results explain why a diet rich in fiber, which has been recommended by nutrition organizations for many years, helps prevent cardiovascular diseases. Whole-grain products and fruits, for example, contain cellulose and inulin fibers, from which gut bacteria produce the beneficial molecules like propionate, a short-chain fatty acid with a backbone of just three carbon atoms.

I'm wondering if this is simply a knee-jerk reaction from those who think of foods that are known to contain fiber thereby identifying whole-grain products and fruits. The irony is that I've lowered my BP based on my LC approach by completely eliminating whole-grain products and fruits. So, I must be getting something in my diet that produces beneficial three carbon atom molecules like propionic, butyric, or acetic acid? If this mechanism is true, I must be consuming foods that stimulate this production, and it would be good to expand the view and identification of beneficial foods/fibers beyond whole grains and fruit.
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