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Originally Posted by WereBear
All that said, and I agree: I was not in favor of any kind of taxes on foods.

But then we get into: what is food? Which is a bizarre but real danger.

And I am certainly against subsidizing manufacturers of dangerous food substances. Which includes the wave of vegan products which is actually crowding real food from grocery shelves

The last time I went to the store I saw PLANT-BASED stamped on everything. Bad enough these products are taking up space that used to be occupied by actual meat. Now I see it in half the soups, crowding the pre-packaged lunch meat, and even in the jerky section.

THIS is not by choice, either. There isn't any overwhelming demand. This is market takeover because they make more money with fake food.

That is what worries me more, and it extends beyond taxation.

Yes, exactly, me too. That's the price distortion that is causing people to buy foods lacking nutrition that tout them as "heart healthy" or "fiber rich" or "barbecue, cool ranch" or some other trigger word engineered to capture attention and create a transaction. It's the reverse tax, as it encourages consumption due to price alone initially, then the engineered food becomes part of the diet due to flavors developed to keep them coming back for more. It's a distortion meant to influence purchase with nothing to do with nutrition or health. If we could simply overcome the agendas and inform people what is healthy and why and eliminate these distortion tactics, there might be a chance to overcome all of this craziness. That's the difficult part, especially in the absence of a consensus on good nutrition.
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