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Originally Posted by deirdra
Though some people cannot go above 40g net carbs without derailing their response to food. I've tried multiple times on Atkins over the past 50 years, other LC WOEs, Optimising Nutrition, and my food satiety derails at ~35g NC, even on all real, unprocessed food with 40% protein. I can nudge my net carbs up to 40-50g, but I have to count every net carb and restrict calories and feel deprived and constantly think about food. Under 35g carbs, prioritizing protein with moderate amounts of fat keeps me satisfied with my food and rarely thinking about it, and this lack of food obsession is my sweet spot that is easier to stick to when not tracking everything going into my mouth by just keeping my food triggers out (grains, legumes, sugar, processed foods & most dairy) and enjoying the foods I can eat. Being human, I occasionally on special occasions eat too many of my trigger foods, but by getting back on track ASAP, in 3-7 days I'm feeling better and back to my non-food obsessed self. Increasingly I avoid eating things that require 3-7 days to recover from.

Same here, Deirdra. I do best around 30-40 g net carbs and at this point can do that naturally by just minding my portions, but I occasionally will have an off day where I eat too much or not enough and wind up feeling awful, with hunger and cravings that are hard to turn off. Ughhh. It does take a few days (at least) to get back in the groove.

I've tried many times to push my Atkins 40 up to 50 or 60 and wind up going back to 40 pretty fast. But I imagine there are some who will do fine on 50 or 100 g NC a day. Everyone has to find their sweet spot, so to speak.
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